Businesses rise and fall like empires, pop icons and internet memes. Taking calculated risks and being pragmatic will buffer some of that uncertainty — BUT– Nothing will help you weather that storm better than a team of like-minded-goal-driven individuals. Your cabin, crew and ship are essential to navigating the high seas of capitalism. Let’s talk about our personal favorite: The crew.

Etiquette of Feedback

Is it helpful, is it kind and is it necessary? Constructive criticism can quickly become a breeding ground for hostility within your team. The secret to success lies in delivery and intent. Focus on making your response helpful. Always be kind, you’re doing yourself and others a service when you phrase it positively. Ultimately… consider if what you’re about to say is necessary. Unnecessary criticism makes any necessary feedback lose value.

Contrast in Your Teams Abilities

This one is straight forward: If your whole crew has the same set of skills, you’ve already set yourselves up for failure. A team of individuals, with a range of skills and responsibilities, is key to successful business practice. Form an inclusive environment with your teams’ strengths and weaknesses in mind.

One Idea is Everyone’s Idea

Each team member deserves credit for their contributions. However, once an idea is unleashed it should become property of the whole team. After all– It’s the collection of several smaller ideas that lead a person through a mental block to the promise land of golden ideas. “One idea is everyone’s idea” solidifies the “we” instead of the “I” mentality. Spotting the “we” mentality makes a great litmus test for your teams’ chemistry.    

Cooperation’s Best Medicine: Laughter

Does your team laugh? Weird question, right? Nope! Studies show that laughter in the work place is a sign of a happy and productive team. That’s good news for our team. Because I absolutely stopped writing this to put something ridiculous on the white board. Short breaks to laugh with your co-workers is the cherry sitting on top of the team work cake… Don’t make cake out of your teammates.